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Easiest Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle Recipe Is Here

The Laal Mirch ka bharwa achar (stuffed red chili pickle) is one of the most popular and traditional pickles. Banarasi or Patna Laal Mirch ka achar are two other names for it. During the winter, we have access to excellent red chilies for pickling. This pickle is made by preparing a spicy tangy masala mix, then splitting the chilies lengthwise or stuffing them, or removing the top crown and stuffing or pushing the spice mix in with a little spoon.

Few Do’s and Don’ts Before You Prepare Red Chili Pickle at Home.

  • Use fresh ingredients, like with any pickle, and make sure the spices are fresh as well. Examine the spices for any signs of mould or insects.
  • Fresh red chilies are required.
  • After rinsing red chilies in water, pat them dry with a kitchen towel or set them on a dish to dry naturally. Before you begin to pickle the red chilies, they should be fully dry and free of moisture.
  • This recipe necessitates the use of mustard oil. As a result, I recommend solely using mustard oil.
  • Keep knives, spoons, bowls, and chopping boards clean and dry.
  • Red chilies might irritate the skin if you have sensitive hands. When working with red chilies, use gloves.
  • Make sure the jar is clean. The jar can be cleaned first, then dried in the sun for a few hours. Alternatively, the jar can be sterilized.
  • The red chilies should be totally dry when placed in the jar.

Let’s Start-

  • After washing the chilies with water, dry them thoroughly.
  • Remove the crowns from all the chilies and spread them out on a cloth in the sun for an hour, or until all the water has evaporated.
  • To eliminate the moisture, sun dry the fennel, mustard, fenugreek seeds, ajwain, and cumin seeds for a day or softly dry roast them.
  • To make a coarse powder, crush everything together.
  • Place the pulverized powder in a mixing basin, then add the remaining powders and stir thoroughly.
  • Bring the mustard oil to a smoking temperature before allowing it to cool to room temperature.
  • Mix in the oil with the spice mixture thoroughly. The spice mixture should resemble a soft dough, so add oil as needed.
  • Slit one side of the chilies from the center and set aside.
  • Take a small amount of the spice mixture and put it snugly into each chili. Using the same method, pack all of the chili with masala and set aside on a large platter.
  • Approximately a cup of mustard should be heated and then allowed to cool fully.
  • With a spoon, drizzle about 1/2 tsp oil over each chili, being careful not to let the masala escape the packed chilies.
  • Fill a sterilized ceramic or glass jar halfway with filled red chilies.
  • Keep the jar in direct sunlight for a week with a muslin towel tied across the opening. If the sun isn't shining brightly, you may need to stay a little longer.
  • It's ready when the chilies have softened a little and the color has changed to a more deep dark tint. Keep the jar in a cool, dry location and expose it to sunshine once a month.
  • With your meal, try a stuffed red chili pickle!

Taste the red chilies to see whether the red chili pickle is ready. If the pickle has a crunchiness to it, it will need to mature for a few more days. Because of the heat from the sun, the red chilies should soften.

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